Sunday, October 7, 2012

This Weeks Eats

One of the things that makes my heart happy is being organized.  This weekend I finally cleaned up our 2 hall closets that had been neglected and stuffed with random things.  We are now officially moved in - all of our boxes have been unpacked.  It only took 2 months!

One big thing that makes my week easier is when I can get meals planned and groceries bought on Sunday.  I'm really looking forward to feeding my family some good food this week.

B: Turkey bacon, egg and cheese english muffins
L: Chicken salad with crackers and raspberries
S: Roasted vegetable soup and grilled cheese

B: yogurt and cherry/almond granola
L: PBJ sandwiches, chips and grapes
S: Crock pot beef stew with root veggies and egg noodles

B: Cereal
L: Chopped salad or rolled up turkey/cheese with fruit and veggies
S: Rice bowls with beans and veggie toppings

B: Oatmeal
L: Mini homemade pizzas
S: (at the park) - Make your own sub sandwiches, chips, fruit

Leftovers or turkey burgers

Snacks - popcorn, brownies, smoothies, dried fruit
Drink - We drink a lot of water during the day.  I'm doing some research now on a good filter for us to invest in that will get rid of the chlorine.

I did my shopping this week at Harris Teeter and Whole Foods.  Thanks to coupons and sales I was able to splurge on a couple of special things for our gluten free Squirt...cereal bars and Lara Bars.  She picked lemon pie and blueberry muffin this time.  While at Whole Foods I picked up one of their plain, prepared, organic rotisserie chickens.  I just had to heat up some peas and throw a few raspberries on our plates and supper was done when we got home!  The rest of the chicken will be used for chicken salad and the bones are in the crock pot now with salt, pepper, a couple bay leaves, water, carrots, celery and onion.  I'll have tasty stock in the morning to use for a couple of meals this week.  That was a good $7 spent!

Trip to the West Coast

Last month Chris and I had the opportunity to fly out to the west coast.  Technically, we went for "work" (Church planter's boot camp) but we fit in lots of fun too!  I met a couple new great girlfriends and we now have a list of friends to visit in California.

A few things that stuck out in my mind.....

  • Seagulls in San Francisco are way bigger than the ones close to home.
  • I love the sound of the wind blowing through palm trees.
  • The Golden Gate Bridge is pretty impressive but you really have to see it in person to appreciate it.
  • Mediterranean flavored cheese tastes really good.
  • I have no desire to live in a big hustling/bustling city.
  • People in small town visitors centers know their stuff.
  • If In-N-Out Burgers made it's way to the east coast they'd have our business.
  • I don't like flying.  I get dizzy and light-headed at every take off and land.  
  • Vineyards and wineries are beautiful.
  • White wine is still my favorite....I just can't make red work for me.
  • Grapes right off of a vine are so much better than from the store shelves.
  • Give me the East Coast beaches any day.