Friday, August 24, 2012

Too Small to Ignore

I recently finished the book "Too Small to Ignore" by Compassion International president Dr. Wess Stafford.  You've got to read it!

Towards the end of the book he quotes Francis Xavier: "Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man."  He continues with an incredible example that makes so much sense...

"When you poke your finger into wet cement, you get instant results.  You don't have to push very hard.  The indentation is there for all to see.  That's what it is like to bring the imprint of Jesus to a child's soul.  

Later on, as the cement begins to set up, you have to push harder to make an impression.  So it is with ministry to teenagers and college students.  The fact of their unique culture creates greater resistance.

When it comes to full-scale adults, the concrete has become like rock.  If you want to reshape the spirit at this point, you need a hammer and a chisel.

This is why is makes good strategic sense to concentrate our efforts on the most receptive stages of life - the early ones.  Otherwise, we'll miss the golden opportunities."

The most important focus of my efforts as a mama (along with the help of their daddy) is to imprint Jesus in their lives.  I desperately want them to see Jesus, to love Jesus, to know that He loves them.  At 6 and 3 they're still in the "easy to leave a mark" stage but time is all to quickly moving along.

A few weeks ago my husband preached about Ascending the Hill - The Battle for Family at Kinetic Church.  He used Deuteronomy 6:4-9.  We're commanded here to love the Lord with all of our heart, soul and keep that always on our hearts, to impress it on our children, to talk about it at home, when walking, when lying down and when getting up.  That's a huge responsibility but oh so important.

I will invest in my kids.
I will pray for them.  
I will teach them.
I will be patient with them.
I will dance silly dances and sing silly songs with them.
I will listen to them.
I will snuggle with them.
I will encourage them.
I will let them know that they are important and that God has created them for a unique purpose.

Join me?


  1. So true Lindsey! Awesome post. Yes, I definitly want to join you.

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