Saturday, August 25, 2012

Welcome Back Daddy!

EDIT:  Turns out we didn't leave early.  His flight was delayed and the kids and I slept in.  We drove to visit my parents since they live a little closer to the airport and we weren't sure exactly what time Chris' flight would arrive.  He didn't get in until about 7pm and the kids didn't want to ride to the airport. He got his signs when he got back to my parents!

The kids and I left early this morning to meet Chris at the airport.  He's had a great time this past week in Manta, Equador and has lots of stories/pictures to share.

It shouldn't be hard for him to find us...we'll be the cute ones with the homemade signs that can hardly contain our excitement that he's back.

His goal was to cover it completely with stickers.  I love the little beach scene he made in the bottom , right corner. 

According to Squirt, that's a picture of my face.  She did everything on her own, except for the purple words. 

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